High pool roofing

High quality of function and design-Shengcheng swimming pool roofing 

Having swimming fun all the year around
The effect of huge arc-shaped roofing likes a convex lens: warm and sweet
If you want to extend your summer time, Shengcheng pool roofing is your best option. We can create personal hot spring for you in your backyard.
 Reducing pollution in the pool
Our roofing can protect your pool from leaves and dirt !
Offering you safeguard
The safety of your children and pets is very important. That’s why we only use impact resistance and absolute shatter proof polyester carbonate panel
Please tell us your landform and size of your swimming pool when you buy our products.


If you’re looking for the lowest cost solution then definitely
you’ll wanting to be looking at Low Profile.
The other main consdieration iswhere your pool is actually located. Would a high enclosure block
your view or outlook? The bviously advantage of the high enclsoures isthat you have the space to
move around insdie the enclosure, for either just relaxing, supervising others, or getting changed.
Measuring Your Pool
Please us this template to provide us with the dimensions of your pool as indicated
using the letters to identify yourkey measurements. If you can also send us
a few photographs of your pool and pool surround, we can advise you
regarding other areas of pool enclosure installation you may need to take into
consideration, such as pool skimmers
and positioning of steps etc.