Horseback garage

Protect car - our garage is slightly different

Materials made of aluminum and acrylic glass absolutely maintenance-free

The Garage material and form are absolutely uncommon, through their extravagant model design

ShengCheng garage has broken the traditional ground garage.

We can also provide a new design scheme for small building sites and narrow space.


Crystal clear walls offer a a beautiful scenery :you can see the green of the hedges shimmers, through or lets you appreciate the newly-planted roses. No obstructed can be seen from the view of your garden or house.


Don't have to worry about of your vehicle length,The garage doesn't have any superfluous pillars and thus allows for space-saving manoeuvres. Your car is completely protected by the wide overhanging above, also don't have to worry about the firmly of garage, the fixed side walls are anchored in the ground firmly.

Convenient loading and unloading:

Our well-designed, rising curve in the front aligns with the aerodynamic shape of your vehicle. The car trunk can be opened unhindered. If you encounter raining day,you don't have to worry about in the rain when loading and unloading cargo or open the door in our garage

Even though it is only closed from three sides,  your windshield stays free of ice during winter!

 The carport is available as a standardized model:

Whether as a double carport,annex to house or as shelter for bicycles and motorcycles, our garage is no problem!

If you want to adapt to the surrounding environment, aluminum also can paint different color!
Protect your car, give us a call, we can personal customize your garage! Anything is possible.